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Monday, July 7, 2008


Camping Day Nine

July 6, 2008

Went to church today with Grandma and Grandpa and Alana. It’s a nice church – we’re attended there last time we visited. Tony Sr. took us out to lunch to a “hole in the wall” Mexican place that was fanctastic in Sturgeon Bay. We stuffed ourselves and still have leftovers for dinner later that night.
After lunch Cody went home with Grandma and Grandpa while Tony and Selah and I went shopping for a lighthouse clock for our bathroom. We looked all over the penisula for hours until we called it quits and headed back to Egg Harbor. We decided to park before we got to the house and grab a coffee and maybe peek in one last store…and there it was. Just blocks from their house was the only store in Door County that had a lighthouse clock. We could have walked there in 10 minutes! Oh, well….such is life.
Another fire tonight. Seventh one this trip. We couldn’t let the last night go without one. Then it was card games and off to bed. Time to head home tomorrow!


Camping Day Eight

July 5, 2008

Boring and mildly sad day today. Josh and family had to get a plane out of O’Hare at 8am this morning. We all stayed up all night until they had to leave here at 2am to make their flight. Poor Grandpa and Alana had to drive all the way to O’hare and turn around and come right back. It was an eight hour round trip.
We slept in as long as Selah would let us and then proceeded to “lay around” the house. We all feel like a truck hit us after the busy day we had yesterday and the lack of sleep last night.
We’ll do laundry, take naps together and then maybe try the beach again.


Camping Day Seven

July 4, 2008

(Some of you may be wondering why I’m still calling this a “camping trip” when we’re at Grandma’s house. Well, there are so many of us here, it’s easier for us to keep sleeping in the camper in the drive way. It’s so comfortable, we don’t mind at all!)
Today was a very busy day. First was….THE PARADE!

The kids had so much fun grabbing up the candy once they got the hang of it.

I believe the kids over 20 may have had the most fun of all! After the parade, both girls’ eyes were dragging so we all decided to crash for naptime.

We we woke, Grandpa said it was time to plant Nick’s tree.

Grandma and Grandpa bought a Honey Crisp apple tree that they wanted to plant in Door County to have a memory of Nick there, too. (Believe me, the whole place is filled with memories of him. This has been a hard place to visit and refrain from completely breaking down at regular intervals.) They chose a fruit tree because of all the fruit that Nick had shown in his life and they also made sure that it was 53 inches high which is how tall he is.

It was a beautiful and very hard moment all at the same time.

Grandma had bought a boat for the lake and Selah and Cody decided to watch the event from a coushy side seat.

Around 4:30pm, we set off to the beach. Of course fun was had by all there!

Once again, it was the over 20 crowd that seemed to benefit the most from the kid toys!

(A fun picture of Josh getting attacked by birds!)


Camping Day Six

July 3, 2008

Grandma’s House!
It was so great that everyone was here when we arrived: Grandma, Grandpa, Alana, Joshua, Tiffany and Felicity! We haven’t Seen Tiffany or Felicity forever and it’s been since the first week of March for Josh. Since we missed celebrating both girls’ birthdays together, we took some time in the morning to exchange gifts.

Everyone’s favorite activity at Grandma and Grandpa cottage is lawnmower rides! Grandpa was well prepared. Everyone had several turns yesterday...

but they were still waiting anxiously this morning for him to finish his coffee for another “go ‘round”.

Then uncle Josh set up empty milk bottles in the woods and conducted a class in Shooting 101.

We all took turns and since he filled the bottles with water, we got an instand reward when hit one – swoosh! – ­it would spring a leak and gently water the flowers for Grandma. Everyone was happy!
Then Alana and the three men went out for the day and the rest of us went to The Farm!
(Here's Felicity being attacked because they thought she had a bottle for them!)
They’ve always had baby goats for the kids to feed bottles to, but this year they had lambs. They are so cute!

All the kids had a blast…..

At night, Egg Harbor had it’s fireworks display, but God’s display really stole the show!

(And Tony's pretty cute, too!


Camping Day Five

July 2, 2008

Wow! It is a totally different experience to view thunder and lightening from a camper than from the security of a brick house! It was beautiful, though.
Tony had so much fun making fun of me and my computer on the campground, but everyone was very glad that I had my computer and several DVDs today! No one appologized or thanked me outloud, but I knew they meant it deep down…..
So, again, not many photos. The morning was taken up watching DVDs, but we did have time for one golf game in between the raindrops.

Then we broke down camp a day early a decided to take the rainy day to drive to Grandma’s house.


Camping Day Four

July 1, 2008

Not much “fun” today. We had to break camp and set out to our other site. The plan is to spend a few days at one site, move to the next and then after a few more days, head out to Grandma’s cottage in Door County, WI. I’m sure you would have all enjoyed photos of Tony and I breaking down camp, but I was too busy doing it to photograph it! You’ll just have to imagine that for yourselves!
Actually, the break down went very smoothly and we were off and arrived at the next site, put our camper up and headed off for lunch. They did have a pool we visited for the rest of the day, but it was definitly not as exciting as the first place – so again, no photos. There was a really cool waterpark-style slide on site (about 40 feet), but we would have had to pay $10.50 a piece to ride it for the day.
Tony allowed Cody to help him start the fire! He was quite the “fireman”!

He did great and really enjoyed being “in charge”. Then Tony started taking silly photos of himself, so of course, we all had to join in!

Tony also thought it was quite funny how I had a computer around the campfire. He didn’t think that was “authentic” camping. I told him I was just keeping a record of our camping activities and he’d appreciate it later, but he still had to take a photo. ..

I don’t think anyone would mind me writing stories if I used a pen and paper, but since it was a computer …. Oh, well….one day I’ll be appreciated :(


Camping Day Three

June 30, 2008

Today mom got to cook.

We started out with scrambled eggs and sausage and we finally have proof that mom is actually on this trip!
Then we thought we’d check out the pool since it finally made it up to 80 degrees (it’s been nice, but too cool for swimming so far). Boy we’re we excited about what we found! There were two pools – a deep one for jumping and diving and a baby pool with zero depth,

a slide

and two water fountains.

That became our activity for the entire rest of the day. We did go back to camp for Selah to nap, but when she woke up, we were back out again!

After dinner we aquired a craving for ice cream and went on a search for a local ice cream shop. We went over to the nearest town and find such a sad scene. The town rested right on the Fox River and had suffered some bad effects from the flooding. Houses had sand bags right at their doorstep,

the parking lot was covered with grim from the receeded water that covered it just days ago

and several streets were still closed. Even the streets we were driving on had water right up to the pavement.

We did find the cutest ice cream shop and we were anxious to patronize them.

We hoped our four ice cream cones would help lift some of the financial strain I’m sure the whole town is expriencing.
Then we headed home to pass out. We were so exhausted I didn’t hear Mr. Frog at all! I guess that’s the trick! We taught Cody Rummy and played cards for 4 hands until Cody said, “mom, can we please stop. I really want to go to bed.” Yes, he was that tired!


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